Heroes Team
No place for lazyness
no place for fear...
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All our actions repects our credo.


You're not here for playing. We ridiculus every monsters or ennemies...


We didn't want destroy your home or job site while fights. So, we make great efforts to be the least devastating as possible.


We solve problem before you finish drink your coffee.

Hot team

Great responsabilities needs great power


The natural Hulk

Green Lantern

Green Power


Symbiosis of lightning and thunde


No fear, only courageous


Unstoppable in water


Little as ant, strength as a gorilla


Want to know about us ?

  • Where we can save you?

    Where you live

    Main cities are indianapolis and gotham. But keep quiet, we can save you anywhere through world.

  • Our moving way?

    Simply exceptionnal

    We use unique and extremely overpowered technologies to moves, which makes thatwe can be on you country, cities in few minutes.

  • Want to take lunch with us?

    You're welcome

    Even if we're superherores with great powers, we're also cool friends. Visit us as long as you want. It's always with great pleasure we see and discuss with you. But please, not when we are in mission! laughing...

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    Of Our

Always in action

No time to sleep. We do our job: save you lifes.

Thor Vs Dark elves

Invasion day in indianapolis

Batman Vs Joker slaves

Gotham city

Samsnison Vs Umbrella corp patient